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  Current research projects include:Color photo of a Shawna Brandle's face in front of the Kamo River in Kyoto Japan

  • The JAAB Lab Student Research Lab Examining Introduction to American Government Courses
  • CUNY CRSP Research with Shunny Parikh on Human Rights in the US Congressional Record
  • Book Project: News Coverage of Refugees in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.  Co-authored with Dr. Janet Reilly

You can see my complete CV here.


Recent Publications:

BackdOER to Tenure: Using Framing and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to Make My OER Work Count”. In A. McKinney (Ed.), Valuing OER in the Tenure, Promotion, and Reappointment Process.
Worth the time: Exploring the Faculty Experience of OER initiatives. Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.  co-authored with Stacy Katz

The Book Costs How Much??? Textbook Cost & OER Awareness in Political Science, Journal of Political Science Education.  

It’s (Not) in The Reading: American Government Textbooks’ Limited Representation of Historically Marginalized Groups. PS: Political Science & Politics

Seldom, Superficial, and Soon Gone: Television News Coverage of Refugees in the US, 2006-2015 co-authored with Dr. Janet Reilly, Refugee Survey Quarterly  Author-accepted manuscript here.

Brandle, Shawna M, and Stacy Katz, Amy Beth, Cailean Cooney, Jacqueline DiSanto, Anne Hays, Linda Miles, and Abigail Morrison.  “But What Do the Students Think: Results of the CUNY Cross-Campus Zero-Textbook Cost Student Survey.”  Open Praxis. 

Brandle, Shawna M.  “Games, Movies, and Zombies: Making IR Fun for Everyone.”  Journal of Political Science Education

Evidence for Hope: Making Human Rights Work in the 21st Century” Book Review, The Journal of Critical Policy Studies.

Opening up to OERs: Electronic Original Sourcebook Versus Traditional Textbook in the Introduction to American Government Course.” Journal of Political Science Education

 “Media Coverage of Human Rights in the USA and UK: The Violations Still Will Not Be Televised (or Published).” Human Rights Review 19 (2). 

Television News and Human Rights in the US & UK : The Violations Will Not Be TelevisedNew York: Routledge.

Open Data Sets:

  • The CUNY Zero Textbook Cost Student Opinion Survey data available here
  • Political Science Instructor Survey data available here